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About Us


          On May 1, 1991, AgScience Publishing was incorporated to publish and sell high quality agricultural and food science books.  The first AgScience Bookstore was opened at 212 E. Park Street in Auburndale, FL, with 400 titles for sale.  The first book published under the new AgScience logo was QUALITY CONTROL MANUAL for CITRUS PROCESSING PLANTS, Volume II, in 1992, followed by FRUIT JUICE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY in 1993.

          Growing to 600 titles and a need for more space, the AgScience Bookstore moved into the mini-mall at 114 E. Lake Avenue, Auburndale, in 1994.  In Sept. 1999, AgScience, Inc., purchased a 2,300+ square foot building located at 206 W. Bridgers Ave, Auburndale, which currently displays over 800 books.

          In August, 1992, AgScience personnel began traveling to academic conferences and agricultural expos of regional, national and international fruit and vegetable societies to exhibit in their trade shows.  After more than 125 conferences, expos, trade shows and short courses, the Sales Team has traveled as far west as Dallas, TX, and as far north as Chicago, IL, and Hershey, PA, to display and sell AgScience books.

             AgScience markets books in the areas of growing, soils, weeds, fruits, vegetables, pests, plant diseases, postharvest, and general planting.  In addition, AgScience publishes and distributes books on tropical & subtropical fruit and food-related books covering processing, nutrition, functional foods, adulteration, flavorings, microbiology & sanitation, composition and physical properties.

                 AgScience caters to customers interested in a specialized area of books.  If you need a food-related title or subject area of plant agriculture, which is not listed, please let us know by telephone (863-967-8898) or email AgScience@aol.com.  We have a staff of informed professionals waiting to serve you.