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Plant Physiology, 4E

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Perhaps the most obvious innovation of this Fourth Edition of Plant Physiology is the chapter on brassinosteroids. A sufficient body of scientific work has now accumulated on vaious aspects of brassinosteroid biosynthesis, physiology, and signal transduction to justify incorporation into a chapter of its own. Other changes include a complete rewrite of Chapter 16, Growth and Development, which reflects the rapidly evolving progress in this field. Updated material incorporated into other chapters includes recent, important progress in the light reactions and biochemistry of photosynthesis, respiration, ion transport, and water relations. In the hormone chapters, new information on transport mechanisms, signaling pathways, and regulatory networks has been added. One of the most exciting new findings presented in the Fourth Edition is the tentative identification of the long sought-after photoperiodic floral stimulus as a specific macromolecule.

Contents: Plant cells, (Available at www.plantphys.net) Energy & enzymes,

I. Transport & Translocation of Water & Solutes: Water & plant cells, Water balance of plants, Mineral nutrition, Solute transport,

II. Biochemistry & Metabolism: Photosynthesis: The light reactions, Carbon reactions, Physiological & Ecological considerations, Translocation in the phloem, Respiration & lipid metabolism, Assimilation of mineral nutrients, Secondary metabolites & plant defense,

III. Growth and Development: (Available at www.plantphys.net) Gene expression & signal transduction, Cell walls: structure, biogenesis & expansion, Growth & development, Phytochrome & light control of plant development, Blue-light responses: stomatal movements & morphogenesis, Auxin: the growth hormone, Gibberellins: regulators of plant height & seed germination, Cytokinins: regulators of cell devision, Ethylene: the gaseous hormone, Abscisic acid: a seed maturation & antistress signal, Brassinosteroids, The control of flowering, Stress physiology, Glossary, 2 indices.

Lincoln Taiz & Eduardo Zeiger, 2006, 764 p, illustrated with color & color photos throughout.  $117.95

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