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Plant Sanitation for Food Processing and Food Service, Second Edition

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Formerly titled Food Plant Sanitation, this Second Edition has been renamed Plant Sanitation for Food Processing and Food Service to reflect its increased breadth and depth while maintaining the features that made the first edition so popular.  It presents fundamental principles and applications essential for food production and food services safety.  The book provides basic, practical information on the daily operations in a food processing plant and reviews some of the industry's most recent developments.

Plant Sanitation for Food Processing and Food Service, Second Edition presents the current requirements and recommendations of regulatory agencies governing the food supply in this country.  It explains the principles of food sanitation and their applications by the food industry in manufacturing food products that are safe and wholesome, with contents that reflect true market values.  The author draws on his multidisciplinary experience in areas such as nutrition, food science, food technology, and food engineering to integrate information into a resource that examines the reasons behind the recommendations and regulations and illustrates how food establishments do and sometimes do not comply.

In the last two decades, practically every month or even every week, the news media report food contamination outbreaks leading to sickness, injury, hospitalization, and even deaths.  This type of publicity is bad for the food industry, regulatory agencies, and consumers.  While it is fair to say that food poisoning can be reduced but not totally prevented or eliminated, this book helps you stay in compliance with state and federal laws for safety, sanitation, and economic integrity while producing food products that are wholesome and meet increasingly demanding consumer expectations.

Contents:  Preface, Acknowledgments, Author

Section I - Background, Laws, and Regulations  1. Using This Book: Food industry classifications, Sanitation, Laws, Regulations, Safety, Food commodities manufacturing, Language, Terms; 2. U.S. Food Laws and Regulations: FDA, USDA, Nat'l Marine Fishery Serv, EPA, CDC, Tax and Trade Bureau, State and Local Governments; 3. Enforcement and Food Plant Sanitation: Insanitary practices, Recalls, Warning letters, Enforcement examples

Section II - Food Hazards, Defects, Contaminants, Security, and Irradiation  4. Primer on Food Hazards and Foodborne Diseases: Hazards, Foodborne illness, Foodborne disease classified by symptoms; 5. Biological Hazards in Food: Food Microbiology, Foodborne pathology, Biological agents, foodborne diseases, and clinical profile; 6. Chemical Hazards in Food: Added vs. natural toxic substances, Poisonous sustances in food establishments, Unintentional contaminants; 7. Physical Hazards in Food: Hazardous foreign objects, Food tampering, Metal Fragments, Control, Critical control point, Glass Fragments; 8. Food Hazards: Food Filth and Extraneous Matter, Deleterious Contaminants, and Food Security

Section III - Sanitation and Regulatory System  9. Food Irradiation: Regulatory Requirements - FDA, Radiation, Packaging, Food safety and inspection service; 10. GMP and Food Plant Sanitation: FDA sanitation requirements, Food safety problems and definitions; 11. Sanitation: Establishment Grounds and Facilities - FDA vs. FSS, Pest management/control, Establishment construction; 12. Personnel and Equipment Sanitation: Cleanliness, Clothing, Disease control, Training, Equipment and utensils; 13. Sanitation Operations, Facilities, and Controls: Maintenance, Toxic substances, Surfaces, Storage, Controls, Water, Plumbing, Disposal; 14. Processes, Storage, and Transportation in a Food Establishment: Raw materials, Complicance, FDA guidance, Warehousing, Transport; 15. Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures: Controls & SSOP, Monitoring, Maintenance, Corrective action; 16. HACCP Systems: Principles & applications, Pathogen reduction, FISIS HACCP plan for beef slaughter process

Section IV - Cleaning, Sanitation, and Pest Management  17. Cleaning and Sanitizing in a Food Plant; 18. Pest Control in a Food Plant

Section V - Food Processing Establishments  19. FDA Food Establishment Inspection; 20. Sanitation of Food Processing Equipment; 21. Food Allergens: Labeling, Compliance policy, Inspections, Risk management, Fish & fishery products, Nut allergy, anaphylaxis & death; 22. Bakery Products: Sanitation and Safety - Sanitation system, Standards, Biological hazards, Bakery establishment, Inspections; 23. Sanitation and Safety of Manufacturing: Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, and Ice; 24. Regulatory Requirements for the Production of Distilled Spirits in the United States: Laws, Regulations, Coloring, Flavoring, Blending; 25. Cheese Processing Plants: Safety and Inspection; 26. Sanitation and Safety in the Manufacture of Confectionery: HACCP, Preventive practices, FDA Standards/Compliance, Chocolate, Alcohol; 27. Sanitation and Safety in the Manufacture of Condiments: HACCP, FDA Standards and Regulatory Action, FDA Analytical Methods, Establishment Inspection; 28. Guide to Inspections of Dairy Product Plants: Sanitation, Dairy processing, Establishment inspection; 29. Sanitation and Safety of Eggs and Egg Products: Food safety, Refrigeration, FDA CPG, SE outbreak in egg shells, Inspection; 30. Sanitation Requirements for Frozen Food Establishments: Temperature, Plant requirements, Layout, Construction, Lighting, Ventilation, Equipment, OP, Transportation, Warehousing; 31. Sanitation and Safety in the Manufacture of Frozen Desserts: FDA, Sanitation, Incoming materials, Operational considerations, Plant systems, Risks; 32. Grains and Grain Products Processing: Sanitation and Inspection - USDA, Grain Processing, Elevators, Flour miling, Cereal, Pasta; 33. Establishment Inspection and Safety Control for Processing Nuts: Sanitation, FDA, Tree nuts, Peanuts and peanut butter; 34. HACCP for Seafood Processing: FDA HACCP, NOAA Voluntary Inspection Programs, Sanitation; 35. Sanitation and Safety for the Manufacture of Preserves, Syrup, Honey, and Related Products

Section VI - Fresh Produce and Processed Fruits and Vegetables  36. Produce Sanitation and Safety: FDA, Fresh-cut, Farm investigations, Tomatoes; 37. Sanitation and Safety of Processing Fruits and Fruit Juices: Standards/Grades, Time/Temperature, FDA's HACCP, Inspections; 38. Sanitation and Safety in the Manufacture of Pickles and Sauerkraut: Acidified foods, Pickles, Relish, Canned sauerkraut, USDA; 39. Sanitation and Safety of Processing Vegetables: HACCP, Standards/grades, Time-Temperature, Tomatoes, Olives, Food defect action levels

Section VII - Meat and Poultry Sanitation  40. Regulatory Requirements in the Processing of Meat and Poultry in the U.S.: Current laws, HACCP, Hazards, Slaughter, Raw product, Heat treated; 41. HACCP Model for Processing Ground Meat: Hazard analysis, Intervention treatments, Minimizing impact; 42. HACCP Model for Processing Raw Poultry: Slaughter, Irradiated, raw meat and poultry products

Section VIII - Food Transportation and Warehousing  43. Food Transportation: Sanitation, Safety, and Security; 44. Warehousing Sanitation and Safety: Food processing plant, Procedures & controls, Personnel, Check points, Inspections

Section IX - Food Service  45. Primer on Sanitation and Safety in the Food Service Industries: Retail, HACCP, Hazard analysis, Risk factors, Food Safety System development; 46. Sanitation and Safety Requirements for Restaurants: Food protection, Inspection, Service personnel, Equipment cleaning, Facilities, Controls; 47. Sanitation and Safety Requirements for Retail Food Service Industries: Food management, Personnel, Equipment, Facilities, Maintenance; 48. Sanitation and Food Safety for Public Conveyance (Land, Air, Sea) in the U.S.: FDA, CDC, Personnel, Food, Equipment, Warewashing, Toxic materials, Facilities

Section X - Food Workers Safety  49. Food Establishment Classification and Occupational Hazards: Classification, Hazard analysis; 50. eTool for the Safety of Workers in Processing Plants: eTool for poultry processing, Cutting & deboning


YH Hui, 2015, 1,327 pgs, illustrated.  (List: $250.00)  $210.00



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